Month: March 2019

Trinity25 in Gin Land

Home / News Trinity25 in Gin Land We were delighted to meet Richard from Adventures In Gin Land, a blog dedicated to all things gin related.  We were relieved when he pronounced Trinity25 to be delicious, going on to say to describe the taste like so:  “Neat, both on the nose and palate, the cardamom …

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Spirit of Bermondsey inspire Difford’s Guide!

Home / News Spirit of Bermondsey inspire Difford's Guide! Difford's Guide, the authoritative guide to all things delicious and alcoholic has awarded Trinity25 a thumping 4.5/5 stars! Describing Trinity25 as having an aroma that is herbal with green cardomom dominating coriander and black pepper, Difford's has caught the real flair of the Trinity25 experience. Thank …

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